Smart Home Solutions

Home Automation & Controls

Home automation and control systems provide the home owner with comfort, security, energy savings and convenience which can be controlled from your home or any smart phone or tablet. The Superstore can design an automation solution which fits your lifestyle, your needs and your budget. With the touch of a button, control your whole-house music and video, security system, lighting, heating and cooling and shading system.

Common Home Automation Features

  • Access automation system through a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Ensure your child is safe by using the child notification feature which provides updates so you can see when you child arrives home safely and when they leave.
  • Set the mood and entertain your guests with the push of a button. With one push you can adjust the lighting, turn on the fire and set the playlist.

Home Security

Protecting your home and family through high tech security surveillance systems is easier than ever to monitor from your home or mobile device. A complete system can detect glass breaking, any door or window being opened, motion in all rooms, heat, smoke, and fire. Verify a true emergency by taking advantage of video monitoring and recording.

Security & Surveillance Systems

  • Monitor all areas of the home through live video surveillance
  • View your kids playing in the backyard or your baby sleeping
  • Set cameras to active on a scheduled time or by motion
  • Watch in high definition from anywhere

Lighting & Shade Control

Enhance your home's natural beauty inside and out with stylish lighting and shade settings. Lighting and shade control is only as far as your finger tips when you want to dim the lights for that dinner party and illuminate the porch for arriving guests. With automated shades, natural light is controlled to protect your interior fabrics, rugs, and artwork from damaging UV rays as well as help regulate the temperature in your home. We will work with your home builder or contractor to design the lighting environment that fits your lifestyle. Optimizing your home's lighting can improve safety, reduce energy and the investment will add value to your home.

Home Network

Integrating a home network system into your house is a great way for you and your family to stay "connected." The key word to home networking is "share." Share high-speed internet access with any phone, tablet or computer in the home. Share a common printer, fax and scanner with the whole family. Share important files and have the ability to back-up all computers connected to the system. Create shared folders that you can access from your home or from the internet. A home network system also provides you with some internet security solutions if you have children in the home. Control your child's access to the internet or even put time restrictions on when they have access.

Whole House Audio

Whole house audio systems, allow you to listen to various music selections in different rooms of your home all controlled from one central location. The music can even be extended into your backyard! In-wall or in-ceiling speakers are added to the selected rooms and weather-appropriate speakers go outside. The days of blasting the music in one room to fill the entire house are over. With a multi-source system you don't even have to listen to the same audio throughout the entire house – select a different source for each room to set the mood at your next party.

Home Theater

Bring the sights, sounds and excitement of your favorite movies to life when you have the right home theater system. With features like surround sound, whole house audio and video, and a dedicated home theater room, re-create a commercial cinema in the comfort of your own home. Today it's all about surround sound and how your audio systems interact with your HDTV and Blu-ray player to get that movie theater "feel." A whole house audio or video system allows you to control your music and movies from one location, yet you can play them in multiple rooms throughout the home.

Custom Install

The certified professional custom installation team at The Superstore will take the time and effort to properly set up your home theater, audio and video systems or car audio systems. Whether you upgraded your home entertainment system and need to ensure that the system works correctly or you simply need your surround sound hooked up, we're here to assist you. We work with home builders and contractors on wiring new homes for whole house audio and video, home automation systems and any dedicated home theater rooms. Our car installation team experts are ready to provide the best in mobile entertainment to you.

Structured Wiring

Let us take your home entertainment to the next level by setting up a structured wiring system in your house. Our wiring system allows for audio, video and data communication to flow throughout the home simultaneously with wires hidden neatly inside your walls, yet they are easily accessible. Once your home is properly wired, the true home theater experience and world of home automation is open to you! We can set you up for surround sound, whole house audio and video, home networking, lighting control, climate and shade control, security and more.

Home Consultation

We have consultants available to visit your home to evaluate your proposed entertainment area and to make recommendations on home entertainment products and/or custom installation solutions. Call or visit our store to setup your in-home consultation. We will work with you to come up with a date and time that works with your busy schedule. We want your input so that we can come up with a custom installation that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.